Number One In Your Niche

How To Use Expert Content To Get Your Website
To The Top Of The Search Rankings

By Priya Florence Shah

This book was written in 2004 to show how to use "expert content" to get your website to the top of the search engine rankings and be number one in your niche. However, its principles are still valid today.

Although some of the references no longer exist, the step-by-step approach to creating high-value reports and using them to build links and rankings will work no matter how often Google and other search engines update their algorithm.

If you have any interest in how to use content to boost rankings, this book will be a valuable addition to your library.

Reviews for the book:

Priya, I must admit that I'm a complete newbie when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation. One of the reason I've never actually learned up this skill is because it seems like 'rocket science' to me and the very thought of SEO brings me nightmare.

You know what? Your book, "Number ONE In Your Niche" definitely PROVED to me that it is a simple process. I have the confidence now to dominate the search engines for niche keywords.

You've got such a clear and concise method that everyone willing to put in the work will be able to dominate the search engines and make money from it.

Thanks again Priya!


Melvin Ng

To people who want high search engine rankings:

This an excellent search engine optimization report. Don't think for one moment this is some re-hashed junk that is outdated!

Believe me, I've purchased two popular search engine software, read a VERY comprehensive *$97.00* search engine guide and this has come across as the #1 report on showing exactly STEP-to-STEP on how to get great rankings by niche reports.

Finally, I must issue one verbal warning:
Be prepared to do a *reasonable* amount of work. If you don't want to work, then go ahead and spend a few thousand dollars and hire a professional search engine optimization expert.


William Chen

I recently purchased Number One In Your Niche, and I'm very impressed. Not only because of the quality content (which I'm currently referring to while building a new site) but also by the integrity you display in your writing.

It's nice to read a "how-to" manual that does NOT advocate using any questionable techniques that may eventually get a site banned by the SE's. I also like how you emphasize being fair and honest with other webmasters and marketers.

Good stuff - write more!

Mike McBride

Number One In Your Niche

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Be The Expert

Priya, have you been spying on me? Your book includes just about every trick I use to get my clients top Google rankings.

Actually, it is very clever how you apply those techniques to your "niche reports" strategy, too. 

David Leonhardt, Author of
"Don't Get Banned by the Search Engines"

This is an incredible collection of hard hitting advice I haven't been able to find in one place anywhere. Absolutely no fluff. Chockful of extraordinary insight. You've put it all together in an easy to understand way that anyone can apply.

What I like best is I don't have to be mind-reader to understand what you're saying because you explain everything step by step, and your illustrations make it even easier for me.

I've got websites that are important to the niche we serve that are begging for more traffic. Now I've got a secret weapon.

Number One in Your Niche is absolutely the best book I've read on how to create the specific content and links needed to drag traffic to my sites. Incredible advice. Easy to understand. What more could anyone ask?

Thank you a million times, Priya. You're a genius.

Michael Quinn

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